What is Balboa Swing?

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     The early 1900s were filled with dance and dancers. California’s ballrooms teemed with them. Absolutely packed and overwhelmed, ballroom owners on the Balboa Peninsula of Newport Beach in California decided not to allow partners to separate. And Balboa Swing was born. Danced to Swing and Jazz, this partnered dance leaves tons of room for personality and style, and still takes up minimal room on the dance floor.

Article link : Balboa: Depression-era dance halls left a footloose legacy.Somewhere in Newport Beach, a dance step was born that never completely faded.

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The Bad Boys of Balboa Swing: part of an oral history by Dwight Lupardis
“There were three things: fast cars, fast music for dancing, and for Hank Nagle, fast women. That was the three things that were on their mind.”

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